Day: September 11, 2023

Finding a Home Inspector Near MeFinding a Home Inspector Near Me

home inspector near me

Home inspectors examine a home’s structure and systems, looking for problems such as structural damage; safety issues such as unvented chimney flues or old electrical wiring; and major appliances like the furnace and hot water heater. They can also find environmental hazards such as Stachybotrys mold, radon or lead paint.

A home inspector near me s advisable before buying any house, and in some cases required by lenders. The results of a professional home inspection can shorten your to-do list after moving in and may help you negotiate a lower purchase price or ask the seller for certain repairs before closing.

Home Inspector Near Me: How to Find the Right Expert in Your Area

Finding a good home inspector near you isn’t hard. Many real estate agents recommend their inspectors, and you can also get names from friends who have recently purchased homes or search online. A good home inspector should be state certified and belong to industry groups such as the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

You’ll want an experienced home inspector who has done thousands of inspections. Look for one who inspects all parts of a house, including crawl spaces and attics, and whose report includes photographs and descriptions of documented problems and maintenance suggestions.

Having the right home inspector in New York NY can make all the difference when buying or selling a property. With more than 200 locations and a team of experts conducting detailed home inspections, National Property Inspections is one of the top choices for both buyers and sellers. The company also offers a wide range of add-on services such as radon, mold and termite inspections.

Do Sharks Have Bones?Do Sharks Have Bones?

do sharks have bones

Sharks, along with other members of the elasmobranch family (rays, skates and sawfish) are distinct from bony fish such as trout and salmon in that they lack bone. Instead, these amazing creatures have skeletons made of cartilage which helps them remain one of the fastest and most powerful predators in the world!

Do Sharks Have Ribs?

While sharks have bones, they are classified as vertebrates because they do have a spinal column. This spine is formed from specialized cartilage vertebrae that do the same job as bony vertebrae, providing structure and support but without the weight of traditional bones. This allows sharks to reach incredibly large sizes that would not be possible with heavy, thick-boned skeletons.

As well as protecting the spinal cord, the specialised cartilage vertebrae also help to anchor a shark’s body, reduce drag and allow them to move quickly through the water. It also enables the shark to bend, a vital skill in pursuing prey or evading predators.

The Mystery of Shark Skeletons: Boneless Predators of the Sea

Sharks do have a skull which is again made from cartilage. This supple material is much lighter than bone and allows the jaw to flex, enabling it to penetrate with incredible force.

Wherever you would expect to find bone in a shark, such as their spine, fins and head, you’ll actually find tough, hard cartilage. This is because the sharks have what is known as a calcified cartilage skeleton which, although it lacks the rigidity of bone, still gives them their shape and allows them to cruise the oceans with power and grace.