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Ezra Carter is a dedicated entrepreneur and the CEO of ClassKC. He has over 20 years of experience in business, finance, and marketing.

Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, Ezra had his sights set on one day owning a business. After graduating from college with a degree in Business Administration, he worked as an accountant for several companies before starting his own business. In 2009, he launched ClassKC with the goal of helping other small businesses succeed by providing consulting services and financial solutions tailored to their needs.

Ezra believes strongly in giving back to the community and created the ClassKC Foundation to provide educational opportunities for students of all ages. He also serves on numerous boards including those that are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and startups achieve success. Through his leadership at ClassKC, Ezra’s goal is to empower individuals to reach their potential while making sure they have access to the resources they need to succeed.

In addition to running ClassKC, Ezra is an active member of his local church where he helps lead small groups and speaks regularly at conferences and events. He continues to strive every day towards creating a better future for himself and others by living according to his values while contributing positively to society.

Ezra also strives to stay ahead of the curve in business. He frequently attends conferences and seminars to stay up to date with industry trends and new technologies. He has made it a priority to learn about the most innovative ideas, strategies, and tools available so that he can apply them to ClassKC’s operations.


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