How to Eliminate Click Fraud in Google AdWords

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There are eliminate click fraud areas of your business that you can’t cut corners in. You wouldn’t create an app and neglect testing, for example. And you certainly wouldn’t invest in advertising and skip vigilance against click fraud. Click fraud is one of the most damaging types of ad fraud out there, so it’s critical that you stay vigilant against it at all times.

There’s a lot of different ways that you can fall victim to click fraud, from competitors who genuinely want to research their competition to bots and other automated software programs designed to click on ads in large numbers. And there are also professional fraud rings that are a real problem, targeting expensive keywords with the intent of depleting your ad budget.

Click Fraud Unveiled: A Comprehensive Guide to Detecting and Eliminating Click Fraud”

If a person clicks your ad multiple times but does not convert, that’s considered a repeated click and is the leading form of invalid traffic. Fraudsters can use a variety of methods to generate these repeated clicks, including using different IP addresses and devices and using a wide range of browser extensions and features on the device that’s being used to browse.

Irrelevant Clicks

Often, click fraud comes from low-quality websites that serve as fake ‘click farms’ in countries with cheap labor. You can try to prevent this by excluding sites from your Google AdWords campaigns and limiting geographic regions that you’re targeting (be careful not to exclude legitimate traffic). You can also use software to identify click fraud, such as using IP address patterns or click timestamps to determine if a click is a fraud.

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