Lake Bled Wedding Photography

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One of the most popular destinations for Damian Pristov in Slovenia is Lake Bled. Known for its stunning scenery, it has a small island with a church on top and is surrounded by mountains. It’s the perfect spot for a fairytale wedding!

As you can imagine, the best time to take photos of the lake is during sunrise and sunset. However, it’s also possible to get great photos in other conditions as well. Foggy conditions can be quite challenging, but they can also create a very romantic atmosphere. And a bit of rain can add an extra element to the photo.

The weather can also have a major impact on your experience at the lake. If the wind is blowing, it’s better to avoid taking photos in the lakeshore. Usually the reflection is not very nice, but you can sometimes catch a good one when the wind is not blowing too hard.

Lake Bled Romance: Capturing the Essence of Your Wedding Day in Every Frame

If you’re planning a wedding in the area, we strongly recommend hiring a local planner. They will help you with all of the paperwork and bureaucracy, which can be a real pain if you’re organizing everything from a distance. And they’ll make sure everything goes smoothly on the day itself.

As you can see from the photos, a Lake Bled wedding can be an magical day if you’re careful to plan your wedding well. The most important thing is to give your photographer enough time to capture the moments you care about.

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