Riverside Paving

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Paving company in riverside is a locally owned and operated company that has been in business since 1972. They offer both residential and commercial asphalt work for a variety of purposes including residential driveways, parking lots, roads, and repairs. They have an expansive project gallery with both commercial and residential projects showcasing their accomplishments.

What is in black top?

Pavement maintenance is a dynamic, but essential part of maintaining one of the Village’s largest investments. In order to maximize the life of the Village’s street network a cost effective management program is needed. This will allow the Village to postpone expensive reconstruction, while achieving a high level of service.

This requires a commitment to maintain the current pavement condition rating (PCR) of 74 (good), and the willingness to employ various maintenance techniques that will support this rating for many years. Several types of pavement distresses were identified; alligator cracking, block cracking and edge/sealing cracking.

Preventative parking lot maintenance is the most cost effective solution to maximize North Riverside pavement life and minimize risk. As soon as the first signs of wear appear in a parking lot, such as raveling, transverse or longitudinal cracks and minor block cracking it is time to begin preventative maintenance.

Performing pavement maintenance in the early stages of a pavement’s life cycle is less extensive and disruptive to the community than repairing a pavement once it reaches its “useful” or service life. A well executed preventive maintenance program will also be much more cost effective than a reactive approach to maintaining the Village’s street network.

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