Stardawg by JJ NYC and Money Mike of Top Dawg Genetics

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When a strain appears on the cannabis scene that changes the game forever, it’s not uncommon for it to inspire a fever for growers to get their hands on the coveted plant. Such is the case with a legend known as Stardawg, a tantalizing hybrid of Chem and Kush genetics that delivers gassy, earthy aromas of gasoline fuel, skunk spray and Pine-Sol wood floor cleaner.

Which seeds grow faster?

This is the story of how top dawg genetics  came to be. The strain was created by JJ NYC and Money Mike of Top Dawg Seeds, who crossed a Triangle Kush female with a specific male from the Stardawg family. The result is a hybrid that offers a perfect balance between Kush and Chem genetics, with its THC-levels hovering around the 20% mark.

JJ NYC has been creating some of the best cultivars in the world for years, and he’s responsible for the likes of Tres Dawg and Stardawg. He’s a big fan of preserving underground NY strains and pushing the boundaries of both Haze and Chem genetics, which has led to some truly exceptional plants.

He started with the original Chemdog and worked his way through a variety of backcrosses to create some really exciting strains. His exploration of these strains led him to a particular strain called Afghanistan, and that was used to tighten up the Chem Dog 91 parentage and create Tres Dawg and ultimately Stardawg. He’s also the guy behind the popular OG Kush and a handful of other strains that have taken home many High Times Cannabis Cup awards.

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