Using Smartphone Tutorials For Smartphones As a Teaching Tool

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Learn how to set up, maintain, activate and customize your device so you can get the most from it. Discover hidden features, understand app permissions and more.

Add value to your course with tutorials

When smartphones first came into classrooms, educators had a lot of skepticism about how they would affect student engagement and learning. However, they’ve come a long way and have transformed into powerful tools that can help students develop their learning in new ways.

Tutorials for smartphones should embrace smartphone technology as they strive to “facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity” while increasing their students’ motivation, as outlined by the ISTE Educator Standards. It takes patience and practice, but with time, a smartphone can become an incredibly effective teaching tool.

Create interesting night time smartphone photography with light trails

Creating an image showing light trails is an easy way to add interest and drama to your photos. These red and white streaks of light act as leading lines that draw your eyes to a scene, adding depth to your images.

Shoot action shots with your smartphone

Taking a great shot with your smartphone can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to capture a fast-moving object or person. It’s important to keep your phone as still as possible, otherwise it may appear shaky or blurry.

Reduce unwanted sounds and vibrations

Modern smartphones have a tendency to buzz, click and vibrate when they detect touch. This can be distracting and annoying, so it’s important to find ways to tame them.

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