Water Soluble Thc Drops – Everything You Need to Know

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water soluble thc drops

If you’ve been following the cannabis industry closely, you’ll know that water-soluble thc drops thc drops are the next big thing. These tinctures are easily added to any drink and offer a more discreet alternative to smoking or edibles. They are also faster-acting and produce effects within 30 minutes. But, what are they exactly and how do you use them? In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about this innovative cannabis product.

The Problem With Current Infused Drinks

THC is a lipid and as such has a very low solubility in water. As a result, when mixed with water, THC will form an oily layer at the top of the drink. This is why the majority of infused drinks on the market today don’t taste very good. Even when shaken, most drinks don’t mask the earthy plant flavor or distribute the cannabinoids evenly throughout the liquid. Furthermore, shaking a beverage can cause it to lose its fizz or explode all over your mouth, making the experience unpleasant for most consumers.

To solve this, many companies are using microemulsion to create a water-soluble concentrate. However, the process is expensive and requires advanced equipment. It can also be difficult to perfect the formula because oil and water do not mix well. The resulting microdroplets can be unstable and often show signs of creaming (oil rising to the top), ringing (oil separating around edges) or sedimentation (oil settling at the bottom). Thankfully, Superior Molecular has developed a revolutionary new product that uses a different process to make THC and CBD completely water-soluble, making it far easier to formulate and produce high-quality cannabis beverages.

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