What to Expect on an African Hunting Safari

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When most people think of an african safari hunters  they immediately picture Big Game – the hunt for elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, and rhinoceros. But there is so much more to an African hunting safari than these iconic species. The endemic antelopes and small mammals of Africa offer hunters an incredible number of trophy opportunities. This is especially true for South Africa which has a wide range of species that occur across its different landscapes.

Pursuing the Big Game: African Safari Hunting Adventures

Whether you are hunting the rain forest of Cameroon for Bate’s pygmy antelope or stalking the coastal plains of Namibia for yello-backed duiker, an african hunting safari can take you to places where you will never forget. These small antelopes are often overlooked by hunters, but they are some of the most challenging animals in Africa.

A safari can be an incredible adventure for couples, families, or even groups of friends. In addition to the opportunity to take a variety of game, African lodges and camps typically have plenty of activities for non-hunters. You can spend your afternoons relaxing by the pool, playing golf, or a number of other sports. In the evenings you can lounge around the fire pit or bar before dinner and rehash your day’s experiences and talk about tomorrow’s plans.

The majority of African countries have a strong wildlife management program. Despite some issues with poaching, a lot of the endemic species in Africa are increasing in numbers thanks to sustainable hunting. In addition, the monies collected from the sale of these animals goes directly back into conservation and wildlife management. This makes Africa a great destination for those looking for a rewarding and ethical hunting experience.

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