Day: March 14, 2023

Boric Acid Vaginal SuppositoriesBoric Acid Vaginal Suppositories

Boric acid for women  is a natural compound that can help balance vaginal pH levels and restore healthy bacteria in the vagina. It also has antifungal properties, which can help ease the symptoms of yeast infections like itching, odor, and discharge.

It’s a safe, affordable treatment option for women with yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis (BV).

How does boric acid work?

It works by preventing Candida fungi from growing. It’s a commonly used second-line treatment for yeast infections, and it works well with other antifungal medications, like fluconazole or topical nystatin.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend using a gelatin capsule that contains 600 mg of boric acid per suppository, which is then inserted into the vagina. CDC studies have shown that boric acid can clear up yeast infections quickly and improve vaginal symptoms in many women.

How to Use Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories for Yeast Infections and Bacterial Vaginosis

It’s recommended to insert one suppository per day into the vagina for 3 days for an acute infection or 6 days for a chronic infection. It is important to wash your hands before and after inserting a suppository to prevent infection from spreading.

If your symptoms don’t clear up within a few days, talk to your doctor. He or she may want to prescribe a different medication.

Side effects from boric acid suppositories are usually mild and go away with continued use. If you experience skin irritation, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, contact your doctor immediately.

Avoid boric acid suppositories if you have open wounds or sores in your vaginal area, since they can cause more problems. It’s also not a good idea to use it while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

How to Choose the Right Link Building Package for Your BusinessHow to Choose the Right Link Building Package for Your Business

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