Best 2k 144Hz Monitor Under $300

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If you’re looking to upgrade your desktop tower to the latest 1440p resolution with 144Hz refresh rate, then you can find some great monitors for under $300. These monitors give you a big visual boost over standard 1080p displays and can make a noticeable difference in first-person shooters, fighting or eSports titles and even real-time strategy games. The 144Hz refresh rate is a huge improvement over 60Hz and helps smooth out motion. The best monitor 2k 144hz refresh rate have a low response time of around 1ms to minimize graphics render delay.

Does 1440p lose FPS?

The Koorui 27E6QC is one of the cheapest 1440p 144Hz monitors in 2023, and it has a lot to offer gamers for the price. It has a VA panel with a very high static contrast ratio of 3,000:1 and good color accuracy. This is much better than the contrast ratio of TN or IPS panels and gives the display deep blacks with vivid colors. It has a low response time of only 1ms and is compatible with AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-SYNC.

The MSI G272QPF is another great bang for the buck monitor in the sub-32-inch category. It has a QHD IPS panel that can reach up to 240Hz refresh rates and has a great 1ms response time. It also has a VESA mount and supports multiple input formats. It’s a great option for gamers who want a fast refresh rate, low response time and a large screen with HDR support.

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