Buying a Light Summer Blanket

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light summer blanket

Whether you’re sleeping on the beach or at home with the AC turned up, a light summer blanket is an essential part of staying comfortable. But just like all sleep accessories, the best one is the one that’s right for you. URL

What to Consider: Material, Size & Style

When shopping for a lightweight summer blanket, it’s important to know which materials are most breathable. Some of the most popular options are cotton, linen and bamboo, each of which is naturally wicking and absorbing.

Wool is another good choice, as it’s known for insulating against cold and hot weather while also letting you breathe. It’s also one of the most comfortable materials to sleep on.

Polyester is another popular choice for a lightweight summer blanket, as it’s highly breathable and moisture-wicking. It has a high level of stretch, so it’s also easy to move around in.

Lightweight Summer Blankets for a Good Night’s Sleep

Weight is a big consideration for a lightweight summer blanket, as it needs to be large enough to cover your entire body. However, you’ll want to ensure that it’s not too heavy or it could interfere with your ability to move during the night.

How to Clean It:

Generally, most blankets can be washed in the machine or on the delicate cycle. However, some fabrics may need to be dry cleaned or hand-washed. This is especially true of blankets made from natural materials.

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