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Torrance Dental PracticeTorrance Dental Practice

In Torrance, California there is a dental clinic that is housed in a high-class mall. At Torrance Dental Office there are world-class dentists that provide the best possible care to all types of patients. The office staff strives to provide a comfortable and convenient experience for all those who may have appointments at the Torrance Dental Office. The highly qualified staff is knowledgeable about the many dental treatments that can be performed in-office and are able to help their patients along with their concerns about their oral hygiene.

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At Torrance Dental Office, Drs. Kamran Rafie and Sharit Khoshbin provide basic dental care, such as routine checkups, extractions, and filling, to make sure that proper oral hygiene is maintained for the entire family. In addition to this, the office also offers a full range of specialty services, such as pediatric dentistry, which focuses on the needs of children. In addition to this, the office also offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry services and orthodontics to adults who need these services. In addition to this, the office has a full staff of licensed professionals who perform all types of dentistry procedures.

If you are looking for a dental practice that provides quality and convenient services then you may want to look into Torrance Dental. A quick search online can reveal much information regarding this wonderful dental office. Not only do they provide all types of services to patients, but the staff at this Torrance dental practice is very friendly and patient oriented, which makes the entire experience very pleasant. The office is run by highly trained professionals who aim to make their patients feel at home.