Is a Suppository For BV Effective?

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Using a vaginal suppository for BV has been proven effective in many studies. This product can restore the healthy balance of the vaginal flora, which prevents the growth of pathogens. It also reduces vaginal biofilms.

How long should you wait after boric acid suppositories?

The use of a suppository for bv is safe for women of all ages. It has been used as a treatment for vaginal yeast infections for more than a century. It’s also an over-the-counter remedy that can be purchased without a prescription.

Some research shows that probiotics may help prevent bacterial vaginosis from returning. They are found in yogurt and may also be taken in liquid or pill form.

One study found that 600 mg of boric acid suppositories are effective in resolving bacterial infections in premenopausal women. The cure rate was 88 percent at seven weeks and 92 percent at 12 weeks.

The boric acid suppositories were inserted vaginally at night for two weeks. During this period, the vaginal flora was restored. The vaginal pH was also restored.

Boric acid suppositories are generally used with plastic applicators. The suppositories should be inserted as far into the vagina as possible. It’s important to keep boric acid out of reach of children and pets.

Using a suppository for BV may also help prevent BV from returning. Using a suppository for the treatment of BV will also help support the vagina’s pH during antibiotic treatment.

A boric acid suppository can be purchased over the counter. It is a safe, inexpensive treatment.

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