Legal Help in Slovenia

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It is therefore important to seek legal help from local specialists before starting your proceedings.

Who is the biggest law officer?

If you need to file a legal help in Slovenia, it is best to provide all documentation in the original language and a translation. The official language of the country is Slovenian, but in areas inhabited also by ethnic minorities, other languages are used. You should also bear in mind that court documents are only translated if they have been filed at the correct department or the office has the necessary translation licences.

The State Attorneys’ Office is the public institution responsible for protecting property rights and other interests of the Republic of Slovenia in legal proceedings before domestic courts and administrative authorities, as well as foreign courts and international arbitration institutions. The office performs tasks defined by law and supervised by the Ministry of Justice.

For complex business litigation matters, it is advisable to instruct a firm that has an excellent understanding of the local business environment and is able to provide effective solutions.


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