MYT Yoga – Clinically Tested and Empirically Informed

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Yoga is a physical exercise that has many health benefits. It can help relieve stress, increase strength and flexibility, improve balance, and promote relaxation. It is also a great way to manage anxiety and depression. However, before starting a yoga practice, it is important to consult with a doctor. Read more

The Yoga therapists at MYT are trained to use the tools in the “yoga toolbox”, which include breath work, mindful movement, yoga Nidra, and meditation. This approach is clinically tested and empirically informed, and it has been shown to be effective in reducing symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder in veterans.

MYT Yoga’s Suzanne Manafort developed the program based on her volunteer work with veterans at her local VA hospital over a decade ago. This work led to the research which has proven the effectiveness of MYT yoga for veterans and other populations at risk, such as those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, anxiety and stress disorders, diseases of the central nervous system, domestic violence, and eating disorders.

MYT Yoga: Balancing Inner Harmony and Physical Wellness for a Fulfilling Life

MYT yoga therapist Ronald Link brings the ancient tradition of yoga together with innovative aspects of Movement Therapy to offer a unique experience of holistic moving yoga. He teaches Integrated hatha here at BYLB every other week and sometimes yin too! He is passionate about preserving the authentic Yoga traditions while offering yoga to people of all abilities and needs. He is also a devoted student of Yoga, having studied under many great teachers and is dedicated to helping people discover the true essence of yoga.

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