Should You Hire a Collection Agency?

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hire a collection agency

Hiring a collection hoeveel kost een incassobureau is a serious decision that comes with both pros and cons. Generally speaking, these companies specialize in chasing down unpaid invoices and will only charge you a percentage of what they are able to collect. However, it’s important to make sure that you’ve exhausted all other options before hiring one to go after your outstanding accounts receivable.

The first step in determining whether or not you should hire a debt collection agency is to assess the state of your relationships with your customers. Depending on the circumstances, it may be best to let your customer know that they have an overdue invoice and give them a chance to pay before taking further action. This could also save your business money in the long run by preserving valuable business connections.

Debt Collection Dos and Don’ts: What to Expect When Hiring an Agency

After that, it’s time to consider how long your customer has been in default and what the reason behind their delinquency is. For example, if the customer has only recently missed an invoice payment, it’s worth trying to contact them again in order to settle the balance. However, if the payment is more than 90 days overdue, then it’s definitely time to reach out to a debt collection agency.

When choosing an agency, look for firms that design industry-specific collections strategies. They should be fully compliant with all applicable laws and committed to ensuring that their clients enjoy a positive return on investment, brand protection and customer retention.

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